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FloHome is more than just a flooring company…

FloHome is a quick and easy flooring system that feels like installing wood flooring with the added benefit of no glue, no nails, and zero mess. A DIY project shouldn't take you weeks to complete. With FloHome, there is no need to spend time or money on any additional tools like hammers or saws. With FloHome, anyone can install flooring - you don't need experience!
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Floors from FloHome are excellent solutions to modern flat housing. We have a great variety of styles and colors which will create an interior that reflects your personality.


Easy Installation

The FloHome Home Flooring system makes it easier than ever to decorate your home. Each package comes with easy-to-follow instructions, resulting in perfectly fitted floors every time. 



FloHome is our most durable home flooring, made from 30% reclaimed materials. It's designed to stand up to the wear and tear of daily family life - a must-have for homes with pets and children. FloHome comes in a wide selection of shapes and sizes, too – including wood equivalents – making it easy to liaise with different spaces in your home.


Low Maintenance

FloHome flooring is made to be low-maintenance, and very practical for those with pets, children, those with allergies or those who don't want their home to smell like a hospital.


About Us

FloHome Flooring is a high quality flooring company, specializing in tile and hardwood. FloHome provides a variety of styles for all budgets and tastes. FloHome pledges to deliver flooring that is affordable, eco-friendly, and authentic. Our family has been delivering floors for decades and we take great pride in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.